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Dear Friends,

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Welcome to to 2015 - a time of change. I am sorry I cannot fulfill my obligation to the Club as president, but family obligations have to come first.

It has been a very fulfilling experience to be a leader of such an outstanding organization and I thank you for giving me the opportunity. Together we have accomplished many things that have made the club stronger, larger, and an important arm both in Milford and Pike County. We are routinely asked to give our input on new projects within the Borough and have been asked to sit on the Board of the Community House. We routinely work in cooperation with other organizations such as the Library and Safe Haven to complete joint projects. The Community Garden, under the leadership of the Pintos, is an outstanding example of joint work amongst many volunteer groups, the corporate world, and a government entity.

I know we will continue to grow. This year we have laid plans to take advantage of all the programs the Federation has to offer, to hopefully expand our scholarship program and to expand our community programs all with your continued enthusiasm and participation.

Thank you to all of you who have so faithfully supported me over the last three years. I intend to stay on as a member as long as we are in the area but I will miss working with you as I have in the past.



Dear Members,

Pam Leroy will be remembered as one of the most dynamic, energetic, and thoughtful leaders of the Milford Garden Club.  Thanks to her endless hours of dedication to the club and the communities it serves, she has made the Milford Garden Club the growing, exciting club it is today.  We sincerely wish her and her family the very best.

We have a great year planned for both our education and fun. Note the upcoming dates on your calendars and plan on being with all levels of gardeners to share a good time.
                                                                                        Looking forward to working with you,


The Milford Garden Club is comprised of individuals who share a love of plants and gardening, civic beautification and conservation of resources. Community activates include planting and maintaining myriad planters and flower boxes throughout the village of Milford, maintenance of the Ethel Barckley Park, Remembrance Place and the Dimmick Cemetery, planting and maintaining the three triangles that serve as points of welcome along the various roads entering Milford Borough, and organizing of the annual Flower Show and Secret Garden Tour.

Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at one o’clock at the Presbyterian Church on Broad Street (across from the diner) to share experiences, plan events, expand horticultural knowledge, and hear authoritative guest speakers. No meetings are scheduled for January or February. 

The objectives and purposes of the club are: The study of horticulture and related subjects: the pursuit of projects contributing to the beautification of the Borough of Milford; the initiation and/or participation in other appropriate community or regional service projects and activities, including cooperating and joining with other organized groups engaged in the promotion of horticultural or beautification projects, conservation of natural resources, environmental protection and like objectives.

Milford Garden Club 2015